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USB to Serial Converter (TTL/RS-232/RS-485)


The perfect tool for all engineers and technicians working with equipment using different types of serial interfaces. With the galvanic isolation, the risk for disturbing or destroying the connected equipment is eliminated.

The other great advantage is to have multiple interfaces integrated in one unit. The converter supports the main serial interfaces and uses an industry standard FTDI USB interface (no driver installation required).

Use the “Mode select” button to toggle between the different interfaces. The selected mode is stored in memory which ensures that the unit will remember its current state if powered off. An LED indicates the currently active state/interface.

At power on, the diode indicating active mode will be blinking, indicating that the user can change mode if desired. After a few seconds, the LED will stop blinking and the unit will be “locked” in current mode.
If the operator wants to change mode after it has been locked, simply press and hold the “Mode Selector” button for 5 seconds.

Key Data

PC interface USB (FTDI chip)
Isolation Galvanically isolated
Serial Interface TTL 3.3V, TTL 5V, RS-232, RS-485 with or without termination resistor.
LED indicators Selected mode + USB TX and RX
Connection interface 9pin D-Sub: RS-232
Terminal Block: TTL 3.3V, TTL 5V, RS-232 & RS-485
Dimensions: L=85, H=24 mm W=51mm
RS-232 Only TX, RX and GND connected.
(No hardware flow control available)



Datasheet – USB to Serial Converter (NSE-3082-01)
NSE-308201-901-A (26-April-2020)

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