SKU: NSE-5014-1X

Cable Simulator (9.1km/30kft. – 1N32PTZ)


The NSE High Power Cable simulator is designed to replicate the characteristics of real-world wireline cables. A specially developed circuitry design allows us to shape the attenuation and resistance characteristics of most wirelines and coiled tubing setups in use.

Testing with a realistic cable profile will give better tests and more accurate verifications of the system behavior. This creates more confidence and reliable operations. The high power and voltage rating means that most tools can be tested at full power through the simulator.

Easy connection with banana safety connectors at both front and rear panel. 230Vac mains inlet for fan operation.

Contact NSE for custom cable characteristics.

Key Data

PC interface Not applicable
Max voltage
Max Current
3A continously
5A (<10sec/5minutes)
Max power 800W
Simulated cable
1N32PTZ – 9.1km/30kft.
Dimensions: D=340mm ex. handles, H=4U (177mm) W=19” (483mm)
Mains supply
230Vac (fans / cooling)



Datasheet – High Power Cable Simulator (NSE-5014-1X)
NSE-501410-901-Rev A (25-Jan-2022)


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