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NSE HT DH Modem 51mm Long Range


The NSE Wireline Telemetry System is used for communication via wireline or powerline. The system consists of two main components: topside unit and one or more downhole modems.

The NSE Wireline Telemetry System operates as a transparent link between the topside user interface/applications and the electronics located in the downhole tool. Serial commands sent from a computer to the topside modem are modulated and superimposed on the power cable. This signal is demodulated and converted back to conventional serial commands (TTL or CANBus) in the downhole modem.

The Topside Telemetry – Eurocard Board is designed to be used stand-alone or integrated into a backplane system. All IO can be accessed either by a DIN41612 connector or by the designated board connector.
NSE Wireline Telemetry Systems are deployed worldwide and cover all applications from power tools, such as tractor and strokers, to low power sensor and data acquisition tools. The reliability of the link allows data transfer in very noisy conditions over difficult cables and the system will optimize data rates for the given setup.

The system requires very little user interaction. In most cases, the modems will autotune to the correct gain and frequency settings for a cable. During operation, the system is continuously adapting to the conditions on the line to optimize the signal to noise ratio.

The system is addressable so several downhole modems can communicate with one topside modem and has a broad input voltage range.

Key Data

Temp. Rating 177deg C
Op. Voltage 600Vdc Downhole
Max Current 5A
Max Data Rate 14/200 kbps (Downlink/Uplink)
Dimensions 300 x 45 x 31mm (Downhole)
Com. Ports Serial TTL & CANbus
Lifetime @ 177 deg C.: > 250 hours
Bootloader: Yes
Ambient pressure: Atmospheric



Datasheet – HT DH Modem 51mm Long Range (NSE-5004-17)
NSE-500417-901-A (18-NOV-2021)
NSE products – 3D STP files.pdf Download

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