HT Resolver Board

Product no: NSE-5001-09

The Resolver Node Board features a resolver interface with CANbus and Hall encoder outputs.

The user can select to use the board to convert signals from a resolver encoder to emulated hall outputs or to read out the position of the resolver encoder on the CANbus. It is also possible to use both emulated hall interface and CANbus simultaneously.

Typical use is to convert the signals from a resolver and output hall encoder signals for motor controller without integrated resolver interface. Or it can be used as a unit to measure position and RPM of motors or shafts with resolver encoders.

Conversion of resolver encoder signals to hall outputs is quick enough to allow for running of motors at high speeds. Typically the resolver board card can be used if one is interfacing the NSE HT 60V BLDC Motor Controller to motors with resolver encoders.

Resolver encoders can be installed as standalone units, both as a retrofit to existing motors but also mounted to shafts in gear-boxes or in positioning devices. The CANbus interface allows the resolver board to be a flexible solution when recording data such as speed (angular rate), angle and position (number of revolution) of the resolver.

The board has a wide 18 – 60Vdc input voltage range and 177degC temperature rating at atmospheric pressure.