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HT 60V BLDC Motor Controller MKII


The NSE HT 60V Brushless DC Motor Controller MKII is a high performance, high temperature motor controller designed for applications that require a compact and ruggedized full featured controller. It is targeted downhole wireline applications and drilling tools. It is also very well suited for other industrial and automotive applications.

The HT 60V Brushless DC Motor Controller MKII comes with an embedded firmware that allows sophisticated control of a wide variety of motors. An open interface protocol combined with NSE or 3rd party/customer software allow easy setup and configuration to most available Brushless DC motors. The controller can also be set up to have autonomous- and/or customer defined behavior.

The HT 60V Brushless DC Motor Controller MKII has all the sensors and algorithms required to run closed loop control of RPM, input power and output current (torque). The controller has integrated both resolver and hall encoder interface integrated. The desired interface can be selected through the communication interface. This feature, combined with its other easily configurable settings, increases the flexibility of the controller and allows the same controller to be used in a wide range of applications and tools.

In order to operate reliably at high temperature, the controller has high efficiency, reducing the dissipated power to a minimum. The logic and control section has low current consumption in order to further increase operational time in cases where the controller is run from battery.

The PCB layout is designed with ruggedness in mind. A CNC machined aluminum chassis provides maximum mechanical support to allow the board to operate in an environment where very high shock and vibration may occur. The board has rugged high temperature connectors.

Key Data

Temp. Rating 177deg C
Power 300W
Input Voltage 18-60Vdc
Max Current 6A
Feedback Hall encoder / Sensorless / Resolver
Dimensions 228 x 38 x 18mm
Com. Ports CAN bus or RS-485
Ambient Pressure Atmospheric



Datasheet – HT 60V Brushless DC Motor Controller MKII (NSE-5001-12)
NSE-500112-901-D (17-Nov-2020)
NSE products – 3D STP files.pdf Download

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