Bootloader kit - Telemetry

Product: NSE-5012-09


To be able to update the firmware on NSE products you will need a bootloader kit. This kit includes the required communication interface modules and connectors.
Updated firmware for our products will be available to download either directly from product software, or from our web page. The firmware is encrypted, and can only be loaded into the NSE products by using a dedicated software.

For the topside telemetry no extra hardware is required for firmware updates. (Updates is loaded by means of the USB cable).

Compatible hardware:

  • NSE-5004-XX - DH Telemetry

Included hardware & software:

  • NSE-USB to TTL converter
  • Downhole telemetry interface connector
  • Bootloader software (provided by NSE)

Not Included:

  • External +24Vdc power supply

 Principle of use:

Price: 3.750 NOK/each