ET System – LAB/HP (2kV, 3-1400kW)


LAB/HP are adjustable 19″ power sources in the power range from 3kW to 1.4MW in a compact design of up to 30kW in only 3U. ET-system as developer and manufacturer can realize your individual wishes next to our standard device.


The LAB/HP series has the following features, further features can be found in detail in the datasheet

  • Generation of any voltage and current curves via USB stick or digital interface (sequential control)
  • Data log function: Current operating values are stored on a USB stick at an adjustable interval.
  • Available digital interfaces IEEE488, RS485, RS232, LAN and USB
  • ATI 5/10 analog interface galvanically isolated: 0V to 5V or 0V to 10V (user selectable) and soft interlock
  • Adjustable filter function for the analog interface
  • Available modes: UI, UIR, UIP and PVSim
  • Adjustable voltage and current rise time (U- and I-Slope)
  • Umax and Imax adjustable by the user to limit output voltage or current
  • Adjustable switch-off time for the device after pressing the start button
  • Storable U / I output characteristic (e.g. for PVsim, shading) on USB stick
  • “High Speed” rise and fall time of the DC output voltage is reduced by a factor of 10 on average compared to standard times
  • Modular design for increased performance: Master-Slave operation up to 504kW
  • Temperature controlled fan
  • Display via TFT touch display (values, status display and mode selection)
  • Via function USB stick Function generator with different curves
  • auto ranging function
  • Controllable via WLAN
  • Support SCPI command language
  • Protective functions: OVP, OCP, UVP (adjustable time)
  • LabView driver available
  • Control software for Windows
  • External sense outputs
  • Fast crossover between CV & CC
  • Modifiable according to customer requirements, outputs up to 1.4MW possible


Click here for more information and datasheet.

Key Data

  • 3kW to 1.4MW
  • Output voltage up to 1500V (2000V)
  • Output current up to 50000A
  • Standard input voltages DC&AC also according to customer requirements
  • 30kW in 3U

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