APM – SP-1U/2U series (800Vdc, 4kW)


APM provides stable DC output and wider range voltage and current. For single unit, current range could reach to 200A. Voltage range could reach to 800V. One unit programmable power supplier could substitute several rectangular power. It could output multiple voltage and current group, set timed output time, provide OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, SCP via front panel or PC. It supports list file function with built-in automotive electronics test waveform. Standard interfaces include RS232, RS485, USB, LAN. GPIB is optional. It could apply in various fields.

◆ Low ripple and noise
◆ High accuracy and high resolution
◆ CC and CV working mode switch freely
◆ Support LIST/SEQUENCE file editing
◆ Remote compensation
◆ With external analog control input interface
◆ Standard USB/LAN/RS485/RS232 communication interface
◆ Master/Slave parallel and series operation mode for up to 10 units

For more information: http://enpps.apmtech.cn/html/product/json1/cc1/q1/2018/1207/29.html

Key Data

  • 0.6kW to 4.0kW
  • Output voltage up to 800Vdc
  • Output current up to 200A
  • Standard input voltages DC&AC also according to customer requirements
  • 1U or 2U depending on model

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