HT 600V BLDC Motor Controller

Product no: NSE-5001-05

High performance Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) Motor Controller for use in high temperature and harsh environments. Supports hall encoder, resolver and sensorless motors. Closed loop control of RPM and current (torque). CANbus interface for control and monitoring. Very compact and rugged design.

Can be modified to run PMSM (Permanent Magnet Sychronous Motor) or ACIM (Alternating Current Induction Motor) on request.



Key data:

Temp. Rating: 177deg C
Input Voltage: 50 - 600Vdc (Operational)1000Vdc (Survival)
System Input Voltage: 18-36Vdc
Max Input Current: 8A
Feedback: Hall sensor & Sensorless (standard)
Accessory: Resolver & Sensorless (Add-on board)
Dimensions: Short base - NSE-5001-05-S:
269.5 x 37 x 29.1 mm
Long base - NSE-5001-05-L: 281.5 x 37 x 29.1 mm
Com. Ports: CAN bus or RS-485
Ambient pressure: Atmospheric