HT 600V BLDC Motor Controller

Product no: NSE-5001-05

High performance Brushless Direct Current (BLDC/PMSM) Motor Controller for use in high temperature and harsh environments. Supports hall encoder, resolver and sensorless motors. Closed loop control of RPM and current (torque). CANbus or RS-485 interface for control and monitoring. Very compact and rugged design.

Can be modified to run ACIM (Alternating Current Induction Motor) on request.



Key data:

Temp. Rating: 177deg C
Input Voltage: 50 - 600Vdc (Operational)1000Vdc (Survival)
System Input Voltage: 18-36Vdc
Max Input Current: 8A
Feedback: Hall sensor & Sensorless (standard)
Accessory: Resolver & Sensorless (Add-on board)
Dimensions: Short base - NSE-5001-05-S:
269.5 x 37 x 29.1 mm
Long base - NSE-5001-05-L: 281.5 x 37 x 29.1 mm
Com. Ports: CAN bus or RS-485
Ambient pressure: Atmospheric