Electronics Design

NSE works with the majority of the big companies in the Oil and Gas service business. By offering standard products lead time and cost goes down, and time from idea to complete product decrease. By having our products installed in a variety of tools, it gives us also unique feedback for continuous improvement.

NSE can offer all services needed to bring an idea to a finished product. This includes electronics design, mechanical design and all required firmware and software.

High Temperature (HT)

NSE specializes in development of high temperature electronics. The majority of our designs are related to high temperature (> 125°C ) and we do significant research on components and solutions, both internally and together with customers. All of our standard HT products are rated to 177°C.

Our focus when designing high temperature electronics/products is solutions that are both robust and production friendly. We realize that our customers often have tight schedules and need boards that are not just “one-off” but can be produced at reasonable lead times and costs.

High Pressure (HP)

NSE has knowledge of designs and components to use in order to have electronics operating under high pressure (>20,000 psi). Exposing boards to both pressure and temperature has significant advantages when it comes to integration into tools. Without the need for space consuming (and expensive) atmospheric chambers, one has greater flexibility when it comes to implementation of sensor interfaces or valve controls.

Mechanical Design and Integration

Electronics and mechanical design are tightly connected. This is why NSE provides 3D/STP-files for all of our circuit boards or chassis.  In this way, the customer can integrate the products directly into its mechanical assembly and save valuable development time. We also assist in mechanical design, to reduce electric noise and to optimize the thermal performance.

Software Development

North Sea Electronics develops software in Phyton, C#, C, C++ and LabVIEW. The applications may be anything from microprocessor systems to report generators. Most of the software is however related to graphical user interface (GUI) for downhole tools, control systems, datalogging and real-time systems.