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HT DO-10 – Digital Output Board


The DO-10 is a High Temperature, High Pressure 10 channel sinking digital output board, made for downhole or other extreme environments.

The board can be used to control solenoid valves, relays or other functions that require on/off switching. Each channel can be individually PWM switched (or hard on/off) allowing for optimized power control to the device connected. There is also individual current sensing on each output channel to allow for monitoring and verification of correct action.

The board is conformal coated and rated for operation in up to 177deg / 700bar ambient pressure environments, allowing it to be located closed to the actual solenoids / valves that are to be operated. With only 4 input wires (power x 2 and CANbus x 2), wiring to the board is simple and flexible, and the number of feedthrough pins can be reduced significantly in a system.

Main features:

  • 10 x Output Drain sinking outputs
  • Up to 36V / 0.5A per channel
  • Total input current rating of 5A
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • CANBus Communication interface
  • 18-36Vdc Input voltage range
  • 2 digital 3.3V logic inputs
  • Individual PWM Control of each channel
  • Pressure rated board – 700bar
  • CNC Machined aluminum housing

Key Data

Temp. Rating 177deg C
Input Voltage 18 – 36Vdc (Custom Available)
Current Rating 1A continuous per channel
Max 6A continuous per board
Channels 10
Inputs 2 channels, High>2.3, Low<0.6
Dimensions 184 x 33 x 13.9mm
Com. Ports CAN bus
Ambient Pressure 15.000 PSI



Datasheet – HT DO-10 – Digital Output Board (NSE-5006-02)
NSE-500502-901-B (21-Aug-2019)
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