SKU: NSE-5002-14-120V (90V – 120V factory set output)

HT DCDC 120-3.75/1000-Ø42mm (600W)


The NSE DCDC 90-120V 5A/1000V is a high performance, high temperature DCDC converter for demanding applications. It is targeted at downhole wireline and drilling tools in addition to other industrial applications where high temperature and large variation in input voltage may occur.

The NSE DCDC 90-120V 5A/1000V s has a specified input voltage range of 100 (50) – 1000Vdc. Outputs available are 90, 100, 120Vdc and the converter can provide up to 5A output current over the entire operating temperature. Input voltage above this limit will cause it to shut down in protective mode. Maximum survival voltage is 1200Vdc for one second.

The NSE DCDC 90-120V 5A/1000V is equipped with output short circuit protection that will protect the converter from failing even though its outputs are directly short circuited.

In order to operate reliably at high temperature, the DCDC has high efficiency (> 96%), reducing the dissipated power to a minimum.

The NSE DCDC 90-120V 5A/1000V PCB layout is made with ruggedness in mind. A CNC machined aluminum chassis provides maximum mechanical support to allow the board to operate in a very high shock and vibration environment. The board has rugged power input and output connectors.

Key Data

Temp. Rating 177deg C
Input Voltage 150 – 1000Vdc (Operational)
1000-1200Vdc (Survival – short pulses)
Output Voltage 1 90-120Vdc (Factory set – fixed voltage)
Output Voltage 2 18Vdc @ 4.5W
Output Voltage 3 N/A
Output 1 Power 450W
Dimensions 366 x 35 x 23,5 mm (LxWxH)
Com. Ports CANbus
Lifetime @ 177 dec C. >250 hours
Ambient Pressure Atmospheric
Note Supersedes NSE-5002-14-XXXV
XXX = Output voltage (90-120V)



Datasheet – HT NSE DCDC 90-120Vdc @ 5.0A / 1000Vdc – Rev Prelim A (09.NOV.2021) Download
NSE products – 3D STP files.pdf Download

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