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Casing Collar Locator (CCL) OD=60mm


The CCL features a sophisticated measuring principle that allows for high-resolution locator data at both high and low speeds. The mechanical design of the CCL also means that there can be a flow path through its center and the design is compact and cost efficient.

The NSE CCL can be directly integrated into the customer’s tool or used as a stand-alone unit. The CCL can stream its data through the NSE telemetry system or provide data on CANbus to any third-party system with CANbus interface. Both solutions are easy to integrate into new or existing systems.

The CCL is rated for temperatures up to 177°C (350°F), has a ruggedized design which allows for use in harsh and rugged environments.

Key Data

Temp. Rating 177deg C
Op. Voltage 18-48Vdc (Stand-alone model) 100-600V (With modem & internal Low voltage PSU)
Power Requirement 1.5-3W (Stand-alone) 3-6W (With modem & LV PSU
Dimensions Fits inside ø62mm (OD=60mm)
Length ~235mm
Com. Ports CANbus or NSE telemetry
Sample Rate 50-100 Sps



Datasheet – HT Casing Collar Locator (CCL) 24/48/60mm (NSE-5007-XX)
NSE-500700-902-E (01-Nov-2023)
NSE products – 3D STP files.pdf Download

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