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Welcome to NSE customer support!

When sending an email to, you will automatically get assigned a support ticket number. Within short time you will be contacted by NSE, and we will do our best to help you as quick as possible.

Please keep the "subject" field with the ticket identifier in all correspondance with NSE.


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Please fill in the following RMA form in PDF or WORD format, and send it to

Do not return any items to NSE without approval from NSE.



    On receipt of the NSE RMA number, please return the product securely packed and carriage paid to NSE for examination. NSE will investigate your return and will report any conclusions made as soon as possible. If the failure is attributed to the customer’s use of the product or warranty has expired, NSE will reserve the right to charge for the requested repair. NSE Standard Terms & Conditions will apply (available online – – Downloads).

    Ensure to include the following statement on the proforma invoice and shipment documents accompanying the products: “Temporary Export – Return for Repair only. Apply Norwegian customs procedure 50”.
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