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HT PB200 – Processor Board


The NSE PB200HT is a highly versatile processor board for demanding and high temperature applications. Its layout is targeted for downhole wireline and drilling tools or other industrial applications where high temperature may occur.

The processor board has several communications interfaces. CAN bus, UART and RS-485 (Optional) allow for connection to a wide range of peripheral units. Analog inputs for bridge sensors (pressure sensor, strain, and accelerations), RTD, single ended voltage measurement and IEPE sensors (typical accelerometers) means that it can be used to monitor the most common sensors one would meet in its typical environment.

It has Push-Pull outputs that allow for switching of relays, solenoids or other control units. The Push-Pull outputs will also measure the current for each channel, so advanced monitoring and fault detection can be set up. There are also ten general purpose IO pins (3.3V level).

The board has an embedded EEPROM that allow for logging of key data. On the edge of the processor board there is an USB connector. This connector allows for easy interface to the DSP microcontroller and logged data during service and setup (this interface cannot be operated in high temperature).

Key Data

Temp. Rating 177deg C
Input Voltage 20 – 32Vdc (Can be customised)
Connectors 1 x 15pin for Analog Input

1 x 15pin for GPIO / Open Drain

1 x 4pin for 3ch. IEPE input

1 x 9pin for CAN and Supply

1 x 9pin for RS485 and ser.TTL

Dimensions 110 x 48 x 10mm
Com. Ports CAN bus / RS485 / Serial TTL
Ambient Pressure Atmospheric



Datasheet – HT PB200 – Processor Board (NSE-5003-02)
NSE-500302-901-E (24-June-2020)
NSE products – 3D STP files.pdf Download

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