USB to Serial Converter

Galvanic Isolated USB to multiple serial (TTL, 232, 485)


The perfect tool for all engineers and technichans working with equipment using serial interfaces. With the galvanic isolation, the risk for disturbing or destroying the remote equipment is eliminated. The other great advantage is to have multiple converters integrated in one unit. If running Win7 there will be no need for installing drivers.





  • Galvanically Isolated
  • Several converters integrated in one unit
  • LED's indicating active state
  • One single button allows toggling of states
  • Restarts in same mode if powered down
  • D-Sub & terminal block for interconnections
  • Selectable termination resistor (120 ohm) on RS-485

Operation Modes

  • USB to RS-232 (< 1 Mbit/sec)
  • USB to 5V TTL (< 115 kbit/sec)
  • USB to 3,3V TTL (< 115 kbit/sec)
  • USB to RS-485 (2-wire) without termination resistor (< 1 Mbit/sec)
  • USB to RS-485 (2-wire) with termination resistor (< 1 Mbit/sec)


Mode selector

At power on the diode indicating active mode will be
blinking, indicating that the user can change mode if desired. A few seconds after the last mode change, the LED will stop blinking and the unit will be “locked” in current mode. If the operator needs to change mode after it has been locked, simply press and hold the “Mode Selector” button for 5 seconds.



  • USB female - Type B (PC interface)
  • Male 9-pin D-Sub (RS-232)
  • Female 8-pin Phoenix



Unit price: 1.950,- NOK