HT DCDC 60-4.2/600-42mm

Product no.: NSE-5002-10

The NSE HT DCDC 60-4.2/600-42mm (250 Watt) is a high temperature DCDC converter for demanding applications. It is targeted at downhole wireline and drilling tools or other industrial applications where high temperature and large input variation in voltage may occur. This DCDC converter is tailored to power low voltage motors, and is ideal for tools being converted from battery supply to wireline.

The DCDC converter uses CAN bus for communication interface.

The input range of the DCDC converter is from 50 to 600 Volts for normal operation. In addition the converter has an overvoltage protection which can handle up to 900 Volt transients.


Key data:

Temp. Rating: 177 deg C
Input Voltage: 50 - 600Vdc (Operational)
600-900Vdc (Survival)
Output Voltage 1: 60Vdc
Output Voltage 2: N/A
Output Voltage 3: N/A
Output Current: 4.2A
Output Power: 250W
Dimensions (LxWxH): 366x35x23,5 mm (LxWxH)
Com. Port: CAN bus
Lifetime @ 177 dec C. >250 hours
Ambient pressure: Atmospheric